Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Its a Secret

I hate when you read blogs and you have no idea what the people who write them look like, so without further ado.....here is a picture of me and my little babe. You can see my sewing chaos in the background. Maybe one day ill do a post of my studio. Studio being a fancy word for a messy corner of my dark, wood paneled basement.

I am working on a surprise for a very dear friend of mine. Only its not so much a surprise any more since I can't keep secrets and already told her I was working on a secret project. Here is a sneak peek. I am trying my best to finish the baby blanket but this is calling my name. It is taking acts of extreme restraint not to run to the store to pick up supplies and start working on this. I made a new years resolution to not start a new project until the one I am working on is complete. That is working out only so/so since I make up all sorts of excuses to jump around.

Hmmm...what can it be?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beach Thrifting

I went to a wedding this past weekend in Deleware. My super awesome mother came with and we turned the week into a 3 generation vacation, with lots of eating, playing with my wee little babe, resting and shopping. We hit just about every thrift store in Deleware. I loooooooove thrifting, but my husband does not. What I refer to as my treasures he calls "other peoples old crap". I often have a hard time finding anyone who wants to spend and afternoon treasure hunting, so if you are in MD and would like to go drop me a line, pretty please. I have visions of what I refer to as my forever house, with a huge farm kitchen with open shelves so I can display all my stacks of green and white pyrex bowls, rainbow fiesta dishes and orange tupperware canisters. Throw in the perfect laminate and vinyl kitchen table set, which I have yet to find, and if I did I would probably only get into the house if my husband was in a coma or I bribed him with a shiny new pick up truck, and you would be living in a vintage paradise. Doesn't it makeyou feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I get all smiley and happy just thinking about it.

On our Deleware thrifting extravaganza I made some good finds. Here are a few pictures of what I picked up for a song.

A beautiful yellow vintage tablecloth. A new ham for sewing. I got this for .75 cents. Can you believe that? 2 sets of buttons and a brand new dresden plate quilt pattern.

A close up of the craziest buttons I have ever seen. Not quite sure where I am going to put these but I am sure I will find them a home.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So I Lied

I know I promised this blog was not going to be dedicated to baby sewing, but it seems thats all I have posted about. I just can't help it. Babies need lots of things and baby things are expensive. It's like wedding and funerals. The minute you tell someone you are getting married they jack up the price for whatever it is that you need to purchase. Here is a quick little project I finished one evening.

I needed some car seat strap covers and they were $10 at the local Target. I figured I could just make some myself with a few scraps I had in my stash for free. I found this great tutorial at The Sweet Life and was able to whip some up. Like Alisa said the hardest part is deciding on the fabric. The fleece was a freebie from my husbands Aunt Tiny and I figured it would feel nice against big fat baby cheeks. The floral I got on sale but couldn't tell you what it is. They turned out great and I just might have to make another pair for those unfortunate times when the baby spits up all over the seat.