Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Maggie

My cousin is having a little girl in May and her baby shower was this past weekend. I had finished my gifts a while back but didn't want to share for fear of ruining the surprise. I love making things for babies. They are so sweet and adorable. 

I made her a set of Liberty bibs from the free Purl Bee pattern. The butterfly fabric is a vintage sheet I picked up at the thrift store. The skull is an Alexander Henry print and the tiny deer are a Jay McCarroll print. Did you know Jay critiqued my fashion design final? We went to the same design school in Philadelphia. The backs of the bibs are a cotton terry I picked up at Joann's. I had every intention of cutting into my vintage towels for the bib backs but when it came right down to it I couldn't do it. I know, I am a sissy. 

I also made her a set of Maya buckets for little baby things. We have a bunch of these around my house and they are the perfect size for blocks or finger puppets or other little kid do dads. 

I really need to be sewing these days is a bag my friend requested for his glassblowing tools. The pattern has been altered, the muslin cut and halfway sewn. Now I just need to get on the ball and put in the frame so he can approve or change the style of the bag. All I really feel like doing is playing with my fabric or sleeping. I need to get my sewing mojo back. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just Like New

This shirt was a freebie from "Back in the Day" in Omaha. I bought some other vintage duds and when I mentioned the tear in the back the owner just threw this one in for free. I knew I could do something to mend it and make it wearable again. Above is the tear before my alterations. It was slightly off center but close enough. I laid the shirt flat and traced the V from the front neck onto the back. Then I rolled the edges 1/8 inch and top stitched. Easy peasy. The little rosettes and tie were just knotted to the tear when I bought the shirt so I tacked them back on to stop the V from flapping open when I wore it.

I love how it turned out. Not to shabby for a free shirt.

Please excuse the pose. I don't know what I was thinking.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I am not the biggest fan of my husbands job. He travels 50% of the time, and is gone for weeks and months a stretch. Many a night, particularly after I have been up with a feverish babe, alone, again, I have thought about stamping my wifely foot and demanding he quit and sell insurance 9-5 until the end of time. But, he loves his job, the pay is good, its not forever and absence really does make the heart grow fonder. You learn to appreciate each other more when you have such a limited time together.

Then, there are days like today where I sing the praises of his job and jump for joy. He always asks what I want on his travels and my answer is always the same....fabric. This little stash came from a good friend and co-worker who just returned from Africa. Come to mamma.

Take a look at these beauties. The colors are to die for, deep and vibrant. The prints are beautiful. I just want to snuggle with them and never cut them.
This blue one is begging to become a little shirt or dress for Lenora. I could cut the neckline in that dark circle and keep the rest of the design intact.
Can you see her little feet hiding. I love the purple, orange and green together.
Its hard to tell but those sunbursts are gold and sparkly. It looks almost like an asian print to me.

I cannot wait to figure out all sorts of new projects to put these fabrics to use. Maybe his job isn't so bad after all.