Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ladylike Linens: Day 6

Vintage linens hold a soft spot in my heart, for they are beautiful, old, glorified textiles. I love their patterns, colors and quirkiness not found in your everyday Bed Bath and Beyond.

Until now I have not been too lucky in the towel department at my local thrift store. Then the other day it was as if the heavens parted and I hit the mother load. Pink and green fluffy towels galore, plus a sheet and some pillowcases. I am in love.

I always look for these with the idea that I will turn them into these sweet vintage towel cosmetic bags I found on flickr. Great Christmas gift ideas. Maybe for this years 100% handmade Christmas, that is if I ever get around to it.

Or I could turn them into really neat retro baby bibs like the Liberty Bibs on The Purl Bee.
But then I am overcome by their beauty and the thought of cutting them sends shivers down my spine. So for now I will stack them neatly in my closet. I really want the set of pink towels to be Lenora's. There are the perfect little lady like size for her tiny toes.

Ahhhh, lovely sheets. What shall I make with you?


  1. The towels really are beautiful Di, simply wonderful for your pretty little girl! :)

  2. Those towels are to die for. I love those pink ones, especially!