Wednesday, July 18, 2012


All I can think about these days is food. Good, fresh, yummy goodness. Being pregnant and all, and past the sickie days I just want to stuff my face all day long. I guess nursing a babe and growing a babe makes you insanely hungry. 

I was blessed to find this amazing you-pick blueberry place 20 minutes from my house. Fresh, not messed with, not sprayed, local berries. What more can a girl ask for. I went 2 times before they were gone and picked 10 pounds total. 

This is five pounds. I ate a bunch fresh and froze the rest for eating later. Hopefully they will last until winter, when blueberries are hard to come by and cost a bloody fortune. I have been trying to be better at buying what is in season and storing for the rest of the year. It's hard to judge just how much you need but you have to start somewhere. If 10 pounds doesn't do it I guess I will just have to pick 20 next year. 

My little Lilly is a ham. Always in the middle of my photos.  


  1. Wow Di, where is this place? I need to pick some berries. Congrats on the new addition!!

    1. Thank you. Bonnies Berries. Look her up on FB, she does not have another site. I think they are done for the season but there is always next year. Ill go with you.