Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Year End

Awww snap. I had perfectly good intentions of writing about the amazing herbal medicine class I took at Centro Ashe

the bleh mustard I made and canned, the delish Thanksgiving dinner that was shared, a very special Tiny Baby birthday celebration and blessing,

 our sunny Arizona Christmas 

and the few goodies I managed to stitch up for gifts. 

I just didn't get around to it. Perhaps I will go back and rehash, for it was all pretty good stuff to share here. 

In reality I spent much of 2013 just trying not to go bat shit crazy. We are still mourning the loss of our 1st son and are now planning for the arrival of our 2nd son due in February,

all the while raising our super high energy, soon to be 3 year old. 

Some days my head could just fly off from the enormity of it all. 

So for 2014 I am not making any resolutions, goals or setting grand ambitions. I am just going to live it, fully, deeply and gently, whatever may come. Sounds like a plan or lack thereof, to me. 

Happy 2014 folks.  

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