Monday, February 4, 2013

Two Generations of Dish Towels

Every time we visited my father in law Bob I jokingly said I was going to steal his dish towels. Only I wasn't joking. I really wanted to snatch those babies up and run for the hills. 

His mother made them and they were hand embroidered with fruits, veggies and days of the week birds. The best thing is they used them, every day. A lot of work went into those towels but they were not just set aside, they were loved, and well worn. 

One day Bob showed up at our house and gifted me with the coveted dish towels. I think I squealed with delight. We too use them every day and they are just about falling apart. So this Christmas I decided to make Bob a new set of towels. 

I found the same exact Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfer patterns his mother used got to work. I had every intention of making him a full set of 7 but they took a lot longer than I had anticipated. I told him he might get the rest for his birthday, or next Christmas or the Christmas after that. 

Who knows, but I did finish 2 and here they are, my second generation dish towels. I hope grandma approves. 

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  1. They are adorable. For Christmas my friend gave me cloth napkins and can I just say that using them makes every meal feel special.