Monday, June 17, 2013

Boys Like Fairies Too

My neighbor has a huge tree with a couple of nice knotholes perfect for a secret garden. We decided this summer to plant a little fairy garden in the holes for kids. It started out as a girls project but was quickly hijacked by a couple of grown men with tools and shovels, intent on making the best damn fairy garden this side of the mason dixon. 

You best not mess with boys and their fairy gardens. 

It turned out great and the plants have really taken off. All the neighborhood kids love checking in on the fairies and Lenora likes to pay them a visit on her way to school in the morning. 

Im in love with them too and one day we will finally have those 40 acres I have been dreaming of, complete with a couple of little fairy villages...and a pond...and a house...and a fire pit. Man those fairy gardens are addicting. 

Have you seen any fairies in your neck of the woods lately? 

1 comment:

  1. Cutest fairy gardens!! I Love the one with drill... so funny.