Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Green Johanna

I would like to introduce the newest member of our family....The Green Johanna.

Isn't she swell. I had been on the hunt for the perfect urban composter and I think I finally found it. Since our entire back yard is deck, she is currently living 4 doors down at my moms, but still close enough that I just walk over once or twice a week to drop off my scraps. She is a hot composter, rodent proof and can eat anything, meat and dairy included.

So far I love her, but since this is my first attempt at composting, I am still working on striking the right balance of greens and browns. I think we are low on browns so I have been stalking my neighbors tree, waiting for those leaves to fall. 

I will admit, it is a little nastier than I anticipated but its working and I was even excited to see some black soldier flies living in it. Apparently they are food garbage eating machines. 

Now if only I had some chickens to eat those fly grubs.......Wonder if my mom would let me keep a few of those in her yard also? 

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