Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Holy Grail: Day 7

I saved the best find for my final day of a week of thrifting reveals. Last weekend I had an hour before my brother showed up for dinner, and since he is always late I figured I had close to 2 hours. I was bored so off to the Goodwill Lenora and I went. Its really dangerous around these parts since they just opened one a few miles from my house. In the beginning the pickings were slim but not anymore. On this trip my eyes caught the below beauties. This is one of my favorite Pyrex colors and patterns. Behold...a pristine set of pink gooseberry casserole dishes. No lids but I picked up a stray small Pyrex lid a few weeks ago just in case, so now I only have 2 more to find.
Day 7: Pink Gooseberry Pyrex Casserole Dishes

Price: 10$ (a little steep in my opinion for Goodwill, but there was no way these babies were getting away)

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  1. Love vintage Pyrex! Those are gorgeous. I always pick up spare lids when I can find them, too.