Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Carpal Has Been Tunneled

I had carpal tunnel surgery a few weeks ago which forced me to take a little sewing/crafting break. At 30, I’d like to think I am a little on the young side for these sort of procedures but better to get it fixed now than wait until I had a dead hand. The carpal tunnel was dear gift from Lenora brought on by pregnancy and at the end was so bad I could barely hold a wad of toilet paper. Imagine that, hugely pregnant, constantly on the toilet and barely able to use my hand. Not a pretty sight. It was supposed to resolve itself after birth but she just turned a year old and my right hand never went back to normal. We want more kids and I would like to be able to wipe my own bum so a little snip snip, by a surgeon with the most beautiful hair I have ever seen, and I am on the mend.

What struck me is that he used what we call a ladder stitch in the sewing world to close up the incision. It looked a little ugly and I thought to myself “I bet his mamma didn’t teach him how to sew”. Once removed you can hardly tell where he cut. I thought of how many of my sewing or mending projects started off like that, cut up and ugly. But with a few stitches of some well placed thread they turn out rather nice. That being said I scored some really neat vintage clothes this past week “junking” in Omaha here with the grandmas. They need a little cutting and mending but I am sure with some well placed stitches they will turn out rather nice.

How can you resist this face? The hand was worth it any day.

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