Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Farm Boy Fetch Me That Pitcher: Day 5

I love a good drink. Not of the booze variety. You know, the whole pregnant, nursing baby, mom thing gets in the way of my boozing these days. But I do love a nice tall glass of iced tea. You know whats better than a nice tall glass of iced tea....a pretty pitcher to serve it in. A pretty Pyrex pitcher at that. I found the pair of these playing nicely together on the shelf at my local Goodwill.

Not a week later I found their little sister at another local Goodwill. Imagine that. Can you believe they all had the original tops. What a find. Go me.

Day 5: 3 Pyrex Lemon Pitchers

Price: $3 each for the 2 large sizes and $5 for the small one

I sometimes wonder where they come up with their pricing methodology at Goodwill.

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