Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bridging The Gap

I was at the doctors office the other day and noticed a woman knitting. So I sat down close and asked her what she was working on. It was a sweater for one of her grandchildren. She explained to me her choice in yarn, her pattern alterations, and how she likes to knit and watch TV. We had a great chat for 20 or so minutes while we both waited, then her name was called. It was a lovely moment, there in the waiting room, so often filled with frustration, thinking of the time you are wasting while waiting. This particular wait did not feel like that at all and it got me thinking about generation gaps. I find myself talking more to my friends moms or grandmothers about sewing than people my own age. It makes me sad in a way. I wish I could share my love of sewing with more people in my age demographic.

My grandmother taught me to sew and for that I am eternally grateful. It's a skill that not only has brought me great joy but is extremely useful. I hope to one day teach Lenora and just maybe she will love it too. But until then I get to dress her in all sorts of handmade goodies.


  1. Great blog Diane as always!
    Check out my blog I have awarded you the Liebster award!

    :) Gertie

  2. Hey Dianne!

    I just caught the link to your blog from FB! I agree with your post here, we do need more people in our age cohort to get into crafty projects. Like you, I mainly just chat about it with mom :) I am at this point only hemming pants, but I'm feeling ready to move into actually making things, so we should definitely get together and have some fun sewing projects :) Talk to you soon! Sylvia