Thursday, February 9, 2012

Buckets of Fun

I really should just rename this blog "Awesome Ideas I Steal from SouleMama". That is where I found the pattern for these buckets by Maya Made. I was a little skeptical at first but I needed more things to fill with the crap around my house, and I wasn't too keen on purchasing another plastic tote from Target so I gave them a shot. Needless to say I was impressed, then obsessed and could not stop sewing until I had made 4 of them. One big one houses all the babes little shoes and mittens and the others are full off all the little toys I keep stepping on and then muttering 4 letter words under my breath. There are no pattern pieces in this pattern, just measurements and instructions. I guess you could just measure on your fabric but I took the time to make the pieces since I figured I would use them again. They are small enough you could just use a paper shopping bag for pattern paper which is what I did. If you do plan to make patterns then I would suggest marking yourself some notches to help line up the bottom circle. It really helped me and there is nary a pucker in these babies.

The circle fabric is a retro piece of upholstery from Sears. I have yards of it. The tree is vintage barkcloth. I have been saving that little dragon piece for years, waiting for the perfect project. It was an upholstery sample my mom got from a lady she worked with. The only new fabric I bought was the blue circle print and the plain cream canvas for the lining. I even used up all the scraps of quilt batting I had for the insides. Its the combination of the heavier weight fabric and canvas with the quilt batting sandwiched inside that make these buckets the perfect combination of soft and stiff. I do say I need a few more to catch the clutter that somehow multiplies with a child in the house.

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