Saturday, February 18, 2012

Something Nice To Rest My Bum On

My MIL gave us a beautiful farm house style kitchen table when she moved but it didn't come with any chairs. I knew I wanted something a little different and decided on picking up random chairs in my thrift store travels to create a kind of eclectic look. Fast forward weeks later and we were still sitting on cheap folding chairs. On a whim I dragged my husband to this antique store and this antique store hoping to find at least one chair for the table, all the while he complained we must make it back home before the Nebraska game started.

At our first stop I came across this little gem and loaded her up in the pickup. The color was perfect but I was not a fan of the Rachel Ashwell shabby chic cushion. I knew I could do better.
So I used this quilt as you go tutorial to stitch up a new cushion. All the fabric and batting was from my scrap bin so I didn't spend a dime more than what the chair cost me. A little tip, if you are marking the center of your batting for your first piece of fabric do not use a pencil. It will bleed through the fabric and you will have to spend hours searching the internet for ways to remove it. Thankfully a soak in rubbing alcohol and a spin in the wash did the trick.
I love how it turned out. The butterfly is from a vintage pillowcase, as well as some of the other pieces. Its nice to know my bum will have a very fashionable place to rest.
I have another chair I found for the table I plan to do the same for. Its a big king style chair for the hubby and he has requested all black, white and grey fabrics. Ill share when I am finished. I just love how you can marry quilting with home decorating.

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